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White House Social Media Director Busted For Tweeting Fake News

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Keep up with the the ever-changing world of media with our our insightful and engaging coverage. New media and technologies such social media networks change the way a person perceives the world. In the past decades, old style media was the only form of media used to receive content and sharing content was not as easy like it is nowadays.


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By Lauren Bradshaw. February 13, The media aspects of news and current affairs perform a crucial role in defining events globally and also in reinforcing a consensual viewpoint by elevating the public opinion.

thesis papers, essays, dissertations and other custom writing services inclusive of research material. A plaque is to be unveiled at a historic fire station this Saturday in memory of a Leeds firefighter who lost his life defending the city from air-raid fires during the Second World War. Twitter also opened its video platform to publishers, adding autoplay inwhile Google announced plans to white label its video player for free to publishers, a move that will drive far more professional news content through the YouTube network.

Essays news media
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