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Carceral Capitalism

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They were challenging In my opinion, I golden that this documentary was very interesting to writing and I would derail this to people. Capitalism: a love story summary As the title of the documentary describes, this film was about capitalism in the United States. The film talked about how the United States economy used to be, how it is now, what could happen, and how it all came about/5(1).

This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding or removing subheadings. (June ). Capitalism: A Love story is a film which tries to show the incompatibility between democracy and capitalism. He explains that the movie is a culmination of many of his childhood experiences.

The documentary explores political acts in a satirical manner and hence sparks debate. Movie Review: Capitalism: A Love Story “Capitalism, a system of giving and taking --mostly taking,” the highlight of Michael Moore’s documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story”.

This quote rings a bell in our mind to reflect this system, Capitalism, that we embrace so tightly to our nation. Michael Moore is the writer and director of the highly relevant documentary film, Capitalism: A Love Story, which is a film explicating on the financial crisis during as well as the other aspects such as the economic stimulus package with the government committed in resolving the economic order of the United States and capitalism.

The whole point of this documentary was to reveal capitalism for what it truly is. Capitalism is about taking and giving, but mostly taking. It takes advantage of others disadvantages.

People were made to believe that capitalism was good and holy and that it tied into the bible, but in .

Essays about capitalism a love story
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